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Striving for equal opportunity to all
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PEHE Sindh arranged a Conference at the Village Yousif Teewino Taluka Mehar, district Dadu on April 13th 2011 on Wednesday for the Planning & Development of Villages Bago Teewino, Yousif Teewino & Allahando Teewino,
PEHE Project Staff:
In addition to this core staff, PEHE has a team of more than 50 professionals working as project teams in different areas on different projects. The project team has a qualified cadre of project managers, engineers, finance officers, admin officers, monitoring and evaluation officers, social organizers and livelihood officers
PEHE Consultantsí panel:
PEHE has also a selected team of professionals on its Consultant Panel whose expertise and advice is sought on various technical, policy and procedural matters.
S.No      Name                                         Area of Expertise/Specialization
1.            Dr. BK Lashari                             Water and Irrigation
2.            Ghulam Mustafa Ujjan                 Water and Irrigation
3.            MH Baloch                                   Agriculture expert
4.            Dr. Altaf Abro                             Environment and Climate Change
5.            Zaffar Abbas Siyal                        Monitoring and Evaluation
6.            Irshad Ali Danwar                       Finance &Accounts
7.            Gopaldas Malhi                           Capacity Building Specialist
8.            Niaz Ahmed Siyal                       Social Mobilization
9.            Sher Mohammad                        Advocacy & Lobbying
10.          Dr. Ghulam Hussain                  Public Health
11.          Mohammad Nawaz                    On-Farm Water Management
12.          Dr Ubedullah Kaka                    Livestock Specialist

PEHE Legal Advisor:

1.             Mr. Inam Ali                                Malik Lawyers
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S. No Name Designation Qualification Expertise
1 Farooq Chandio CEO MBA, MA Project Management
2 Ali Gul Khushik PDS MA Proposal development, MER
3 Mohammad. Moosa Khoso FM CMA Finance and Accounts
4 Aftab Hussain Balouch MP M.Sc (agr)MA Project Management, MER
5 Semreen Saharan Manager-HR MA HR Development
6 A.D Kabooro Manger-ER MA Emergency response and Rehabilitation
7 Mohammad Hussain Lashari Admin/Logistic MBA Administration
PEHE has a qualified, dedicated and experienced team of professionals working as core staff at PEHE head office in Hyderabad and field staff.
Your donation to PEHE will feed hungry families, provide health care and clean water in remote villages, help farmers to grow better crops, protect vulnerable community, and allow for an immediate response to emergencies.
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